At iDaMar Internet Services, our Values and Beliefs provide a direction and give us a common goal for everything we do. Because we choose to place these values high on our list, our customers, business partners and employees always know what we believe in and where we stand.


We believe integrity must not be compromised. Without trust and honest relationships you have no foundation for long-term business success.


Customers make us who we are. They are essentially everyone with whom we deal. We work to satisfy our customer's requirements and anticipate their expectations. To succeed, we must work with our customers to help make them winners, too.


People are our most valuable resource. Our employees bring in innovation, imagination, skill and a desire to  do a job, not just finish it. Working as a team enables all of us to realize our full potential.


Efficiency means working smart, not hard. We always pursue a more efficient way to do everything we undertake to allow more time for creativity, not paperwork.


We welcome change for it gives us continued opportunities to grow.

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